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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


Location - Sunderland

tombola is a family run company, born in 2006, with our headquarters in Sunderland and offices across Europe in Milan, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Gibraltar. Although we’ve grown and continue to grow, we have kept our core values - to build a company we can be proud of.

We’re completely unique in that all of our games are designed, developed and managed in-house. in fact, just about every aspect of tombola is managed in-house. We are absolutely committed to building the best possible products for our current and future players.

The future of tombola couldn’t be brighter.  We’re ambitious and while we might not be perfect (who is?!) we’re always trying to be better and we’re on the lookout for someone to join our team.

What will you do?

This role will play a key part in helping to develop the platform of the growing Arcade division within tombola, working with the latest cloud technologies. You will be joining a small team responsible for maintaining and supporting our key services, focusing on platform automation, with a drive to constantly push the adoption of the latest DevOps tools and methodologies.

You will be part of the team that is helping to Evolve our best practices for deploying our solutions into AWS, building, and supporting cloud infrastructure in production. These are a few of the things we look at and use daily to make it happen.


  • Networking (VPN, VPC, Private and Public subnets, Transit gateway)
  • EC2, EBS, ECR, S3 you get the picture we use a lot of AWS services you don’t have to be a master of them all (yet) just know that they are there and what they do.
  • Container knowledge would be nice so ECS, EKS and ECR.
  • Windows server is our main OS.


  • Cloudflare


  • Terraform, CloudFormation, Packer, Teamcity, Octopus Deploy
  • Scripting (PowerShell, bash, and any others)


  • AWS Elasticsearch, CloudWatch, New Relic


  • GitHub, Bitbucket

To be a success in this role can you, are you and do you:

  • Good communication. It sounds clichéd but things like being able to express your ideas clearly, being able to talk to the Devs and non tech folk and give effective feedback is key.
  • Self-motivated and demonstrate the ability and desire to improve both our practices and you. We love people that want to do this and we help them do that.
  • Think of new and unique ways to improve our customer’s experience. Ultimately that is what tombola is about, giving value to customers. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, efficiently.
  • Proactively find problems and solutions
  • Keep up with Industry trends.

Above all else though you don’t have to know everything that is in this Job Description , we want to hear from you even if you only know a few things we have mentioned, its about the right fit for tombola not filling in a skills matrix. So, if you have the drive and are looking for the next step in your career or looking at changing it give us a shout.


We offer a competitive range of benefits, in an impressive office with free breakfast, lunch, pension, discretionary bonus & private medical care to name a few.