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Our HQ might be based in the cosmopolitan hub of the North East of England, Sunderland but we wondered what it would be like to go a little continental.

In 2011 we donned a backpack, filled it with bingo balls and a heap of enthusiasm and headed to Milan, Italy to unleash our own unique brand of low stake gaming.

From there we moved over into Spain and then back up to Denmark and Sweden (the weather reminded us of home) and more recently to the Netherlands, spreading our love of responsible gambling and creating tombola communities along the way.

Our international operations are still headed up from the Sunderland office, although we do have offices in Gibraltar, Milan and Madrid. While we have some games specific to countries, and others which span all our territories, the underlying tombola ethos and values remain the same - to make innovative, enjoyable games for our community to enjoy responsibly.

It’s not just the games we make, we make the full site, from login pages to the tools our chat moderators use and everything in between – oh, that’s right each country has its own set of customer service agents and chat moderators too, as well as marketing staff.

We’re so excited to see where the tombola international journey takes us next…

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We love people, in particular we love tombola people.
We take pride in what we do, we work hard, we innovate and we get excited about the future but we like to have fun while we do it.
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