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We’re britain’s biggest bingo site so needless to say we love a bit of bingo!

So much so that we’ve created unique games that you just won’t find anywhere else including; Cinco, Pulse and Bingo Roulette. We’ve brought offline favourites into the online world and established our brand on desktop, mobile and app – creating one of the most unique and community driven brands in the gambling world.

The bingo vertical is made up of game developers, a platform team, game engine, infrastructure, product, promotions, designers and animators; as well as our customer service and chat moderating teams who deal with our ever-growing community of players in our chat rooms, live chat, phone and email.

The bingo team don’t just build the games in-house though – they see the player experience through from the very beginning. From the onboarding experience, homepage, push notifications as well as the in-house custom-built-snazzy tool our chat moderators use to talk to our players we really do try to do it ourselves taking technology and innovation to the next level.

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We love people, in particular we love tombola people.
We take pride in what we do, we work hard, we innovate and we get excited about the future but we like to have fun while we do it.
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