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We might be britain’s biggest bingo site but one moderately sunny day we were wondering what would happen if we were to do arcade games the tombola way….

After many cups of tea and a whole load of biscuits (and a bit of work too) tombola arcade was born in July 2016.

The arcade vertical is made up of game developers, a platform team, game engine, infrastructure, product, promotions, designers and animators; as well as our customer service and chat moderating teams who deal with our ever-growing community of players in our chat rooms, live chat, phone and email.

The arcade team don’t just build our unique low stake games in-house – we also build social games, look after our player experience; from the welcome page through to our growing chat community. We also work closely with the marketing team to bridge the online-real world gap and try our very best to innovate, to keep tombola arcade at the forefront of the gaming world.

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We love people, in particular we love tombola people.
We take pride in what we do, we work hard, we innovate and we get excited about the future but we like to have fun while we do it.
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