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Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap


Pay Gap

The main driver of our pay gap is lower female representation in the upper quartile. This is due to a lower proportion of females than males in specialist tech roles. In contrast to this, our homebased support roles are primarily female dominant due to the additional flexibility they offer.



Our company directors did not receive any bonus payments.

Everyone is entitled to receive the same percentage of bonus, however, we have eligibility requirements to be entitled to receive the bonus. These are established on quarterly basis throughout the year and are determined on your start and leave dates.


2022 Actions

We are continually reviewing job roles against the market to ensure we are paying fairly and competitively.

We continue to hold quarterly salary reviews where individuals salaries are reviewed. This is held by our leadership team, which has a 50/50 female to male split.

The People team are focused on partnering with local universities to encourage females from schools and colleges to go into the education where they can gain tech qualifications. Similarly, the people team have linked with various organisations to help reduce gender and diversity gaps in tech.

Gender Pay Gap Report 



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