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tombola Wellbeing - Paul Cheetham, Wellbeing Manager.

Posted by mark scott
In light of it being Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, our Wellbeing Manager - Paul Cheetham wanted to let us know what's been going on wellbeing wise within tombola over the past 12 months.

Wellbeing means a lot at tombola.  Not just for Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) but for all year round. 

In the last 12 months we’ve made a heck of a lot of progress towards our aspiration, which is: 

“ To support our people, enabling them to be the best, healthy, version of themselves for life and for work. We want to create a great place to work where our people are given the environment, tools and skills to support and manage their own health and wellbeing”.   

Our team of employee wellbeing advocates have been instrumental in making a real difference for their tombola work mates in many different areas such as financial wellbeing, physical health, nutrition, company culture and finally mental health.  In the last year, their work has led to the introduction of a new 24/7 Employee Assistance support service, the introduction of new flexible features for our holiday benefit and a new financial support partnership, to name but a few things.   

So….on to MHAW…. 

tombolaMind is a big part of our overall wellbeing plans and it felt right to put in place a week-long programme of different activities to promote and normalise people looking after their mental health.   

So what have we been doing?   

There have been a number of blog posts from many of our people, giving each person’s experiences of how they are trying to look after themselves and encouraging people to be kind to others.  We even created our own e-cards to make it easier for people to say thank you! 

We also made sure everyone knew about the main places to go to if they needed help accessing healthcare, counselling, support or information.  

We also managed to secure Mental Health Matters to put on two webinars for our people on emotional resilience which went down really well with our team. 

Our regular online Coffee café, which is our weekly social half hour for people to pop into, was turned into a Kindness café where people shared their tales of lovely things others have done for them and, with a bit of gentle persuasion, also what they had done to be kind to others. 

So, lots of people doing lots of things! 

I love my job as wellbeing manager here at tombola.  Whilst we don’t always get it right, we are certainly putting the effort into making us the best we can be when it comes to wellbeing.  That’s not down to me – it is powered by our people!  Don’t believe me?  Then when don’t you join us and find out for yourself! 

Take care  


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