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Codegarden 2019


Codegarden 2019

Posted by Ryan Coates
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I love my job! I got to go over to Denmark for Codegarden 2019 and got paid for the privilege! We flew out of Newcastle to London then pretty much back over Newcastle to Copenhagen. We then had to get a midnight train to Odense, well multiple trains as there was some work being done on the line. We arrived at the hotel at about 3am, exhausted by the travel but ready for an exciting few days at Codegarden.

Codegarden is like no other conference, we were greeted with high fives and entered a very friendly, happy and tech savvy community.

The conference was fantastic, a diverse set of talks, some very technical some very soft, there was loads of scope to get together with the community and share ideas. I got a huge amount out of the experience and thought it would be useful to document my key learnings in this blog.

There was a big focus on Umbraco v8 (we are on v7.6!), v8 being the new shiny version of Umbraco. The main focus of the release has been to tidy the codebase, anyone who has worked on the older codebases can see the massive value in that. They have reduced the number of projects and lines of code and use solid modern architecture principals lacking in previous releases, like dependency injection and having clear patterns used consistently.

They also added a few new features the only one of real note is Variants, essentially this allows you to have multiple languages for content, useful for an international business!

There was a big focus on extending Umbraco using packages, one of the really interesting packages is PreFlight, this lets you set content rules which are validated before content is published. You can define content rules which is massively powerful and a very interesting idea.

One thing that was very apparent from looking at all the amazing work the community is doing is that we don’t do open source very well. We have made some pretty amazing extensions to Umbraco that we could share with the community we could also benefit from all the amazing plugins and improvements that are being developed. Umbraco is really key to what we deliver, it accelerates our content delivery and has already made an incredible impact, we need to get more active with the community to gain even more benefits.

As a brand-new team lead I wanted to take advantage of some of the talks that had a bit of a softer focus, one very interesting talk was about teaching in technology. This is something I think we all struggle with, sharing knowledge is hard and creating a culture that is always striving to learn new things is a big challenge. A key takeaway was how we talk to each other, we often comment on how smart/clever/brilliant somebody is when they do something well this makes it harder for them to take risks least they fail and fall off the pedestal. Commenting on their effort and complimenting their hard work has a much better result. If we don’t challenge ourselves and take risks, we stagnate and don’t develop. The other takeaway was to be aware of your mindset, recognise fixed mindset behaviours and try to move towards a growth mindset. I’ll not copy and paste all these behaviours, I will however copy and paste a link.

Dotnet core was a big topic of the conference too, the Umbraco Core team are working hard on making the transition with minimal disruption. I hosted an open space session with the team to discuss their approach, we too are thinking about how we can move to Dotnet core and it was really reassuring to hear that they are using very similar approaches to what we are planning. We challenged each other’s ideas and I think we all came away with a better understanding of the road ahead of us.

Getting out of the office and listening to talks and sharing ideas is a great way to challenge yourself and think beyond the day to day development work that fills your week. It refreshes you, gives you great ideas and is a catalyst for innovation. We don’t need to go all the way to conferences to do this though, if we regularly step away from work and think and collaborate it will kickstart a flow of creativity and innovation. I know there are many of us that do this and benefit from it but many of us feel like we can’t step away from our work which is a cultural issue we can improve.

Another massive benefit was having a few beers with my colleagues in other teams, getting to know them and finding out about their challenges and joys within their teams was fun and useful.

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