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AWS London Summit 2022


AWS London Summit 2022

Posted by Ryan O'Donnell and Peter Lotts
AWS Summit 2022 main keynote stage
Recently a group of us from the Sunderland office had the chance to travel down to the AWS Summit in London. For me this was a great chance to not only learn about up and coming features that AWS are bringing to the table but also to talk to other like-minded people from the tech community who were there representing their company and showing off products.

What is it? 

“AWS Summits are free events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. At the AWS Summits, you can learn how to choose the right database, modernize your data warehouse, and drive digital transformation using AI. Summits are held in major cities around the world and attract technologists from all industries and skill levels who want to discover how AWS can help them innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.” – Amazon Web Services 

How it went 

tombola attendees

The day began with a keynote speech from leaders in the AWS business, where they also introduced some key customers who believe they have really proved AWS’ capability as a cloud provider for their business. This year they introduced tech leaders from Ocado Technology, Cazoo, and Genomics England to talk about their vastly different use cases and how the AWS cloud offered the right mix of services for them. 

Throughout the day the 8 of us had the opportunity to attend sessions or workshops put on by AWS to cover topics ranging from event driven and asynchronous design patterns, AI & Machine Learning to environmental impact and improving system stability. Some of the talks are run by AWS employees who are experts in the services they are talking about; and some are run in partnership with other customers who want to tell you how they have used a particular combination of AWS services to benefit their organisation. The talks are set up across various levels of difficulty, so you can pick and choose between high level product information and more technical deep dives into services and best practices. 

the exhibition hall

When not attending a session, we found ourselves walking around the Expo Hall; this meant we got the chance to meet a lot of interesting people and learn about products and technologies which could be useful for existing or future projects here at tombola. All the people we met were just as enthusiastic about technology and AWS as we are. Plus, there was no shortage of swag and stickers to be collected from the exhibitioners! 

A small group of us also had a chance to partake in another AWS Game Day (see here to the last one we did, AWS Game Day) Although this one was focused on the AWS DeepRacer league where cars are driven by AI – the session built on AWS’ recent partnership with F1. Although it was a bit shorter than the Game Day we ran in the office, only lasting 90 minutes, the session was packed with new challenges to test our knowledge base and introduce new things which we did not know were possible with AWS. Such as the DeepRacer modelling system that could be modified to teach the car to navigate the given track, we also got to play with more DynamoDB and AWS Step functions (state machines) for simulated car systems. 

game day participants

Overall, it was an amazing day for all involved and we hope to have a chance to do to many more things like the AWS Summit in the future. It was great to be back to attending events like this in person again, with up to 10,000 people at the conference in all. 

P.S we were put into a fancy hotel and fed lovely food 

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